The Creative Team

The brain behind the Orchestra. As the driving force of this music organisation, the team work collaboratively with the artistes and performers to express our craft.






Ibrahim has been instrumental in the development of OMS into what it is now. He started out playing the drums at a young age and picked up the cornet and trumpet. Since then, he has been playing with the Navy Band, PSMMS and Orkestra Melayu Singapura.


He is the pioneering member of the orchestra since 1991 and was appointed the orchestra leader in 2000. With his leadership, he has brought the Orchestra to the international plarforms. These includes concerts and festivals in Kuala Lumpur, Jogjakarta, Hong Kong, South Korea, Kagoshima and Den Haag Netherlands.


Currently, Ibrahim is active organising and curating performances and events for OMS, People's Association, Ministry of Home Affairs and many other private functions.


Ibrahim is happily married with beautiful children.