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Zulkifli Mohamed Amin musical chief  

Zulkifli Mohamed Amin (b. 1983) is a conductor, music director, composer and also educator. Recognised as a youth leader and a visionary of sorts among his contemporaries, Zulkifli has pursued his love of the arts since young. He began scribbling musical notations and fiddling with his uncle’s electone at the age of ten. He went on to study at LASALLE College of the Arts where his love for music deepened and he graduated with a Diploma in Contemporary Popular Music in 2004.


As a multi-instrumentalist, Zulkifli has performed widely at home and overseas. He has performed with the Asian Contemporary Ensemble, Singapore Pop Orchestra, Singapore Wind Symphony and Orkestra Melayu Singapura (OMS). Zulkifli has written extensively for concerts, music festivals and performances. He is the conductor and music director of OMS Belia (OMS’s youth orchestra) since its formation in 2005, and has become known and respected for pushing artistic boundaries and for his dynamic leadership.


Since the age of 19, he has worked as a music director on multi-disciplinary productions and his compositions span a broad spectrum of contexts and settings. He is currently the Youth Leader for OMS Belia, a group under People’s Association (PA) Talents. He was also responsible for developing the Music Discovery Programme which provides opportunities for the learning of Malay music to youths of all races through hands-on experience.


In 2015, Zulkifli co-founded Nusantara Arts with the aim of integrating literary arts, traditional arts and culture. As its artistic director, he believes in drawing inspiration from traditional art forms whilst exploring experimental works. He led the team in the creation of their debut ‘The Archipelago Crossroads’ (2015), a work that pushes music beyond its cultural norms. In 2016, Zulkifli organised ‘Belia.Bahasa.Budaya’ (B3), a poetry writing competition and workshop that culminated in a concert where music and literary arts were featured together. B3 garnered over a hundred entries and was reprised for the Singapore Writers Festival that same year. ‘Traditionally Avant-Garde’ (TAV) (2017), a two-part lecture-concert series, is another work that demonstrates his conviction in fusing creativity and knowledge. Like his other productions, it brought Malay music to a new frontier.


As an arts educator, Zulkifli’s focus is on developing young talents who are passionate about the arts. As reflected in the programmes he organised through Nusantara Arts, his approach is based on his belief in bringing different art forms together and being inclusive.

Zulkifli is a recipient of the National Arts Council, Singapore Young Artist Award 2018.

Abdul Hakiim Muhamad Hamim (deførmed) music craftsman 

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Abdul Hakiim Muhamad Hamim
Ahmadul Amin Haron music craftsman 

Ahmadul Amin is a young Malay singer-songwriter born and raised in Singapore. He gained his musicianship and producing skills from his Diploma in Music and Audio Technology from Singapore Polytechnic. Amin further his music studies by taking his Bachelor of Arts in Music(Hons) majoring is Composition and Arranging in LASALLE College of The Arts.


Keeping his own music young, fresh and groovy, Amin channels his bubbly and cheeky personalities into his music. Amin has a wide range of music influences like Tan Sri P. Ramlee, Dato' Sheila Majid and a fan of Sezairi.


Amin's debut song Selamat Malam Sayang did way beyond his expectation as it got featured on Singapore Malay local radio station, "Ria897fm", article written on the newspapers, "Berita Harian" and the music video plays on the television broadcast channel "Suria". He continue to pursue on his music and produced his own song Lelaki Selalu Salah. It has successfully received so much support from the media including the radio and Spotify. His audience slowly grow and reaching across the border to Malaysia and Indonesia.


Amin also worked together in the recording studio with some of the local malay musicians and artistes such as Reyza Hamizan, The Sallys and many more. On top of that, he is also a session musician for Islandeer, an Indie band based in Singapore and Orkestra Melayu Singapura Belia (Youth)

Ahmadul Amin Haron